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Qualified Arborists, Creative Craftsmen.

At WildWood, we understand wood. Our work stems from an appreciation of the fundamental biology of trees, how we care for a living tree, the processing of ready wood, and the craft creative products.

We recognise the value in timber, we never waste wood, and we make sure any usable byproducts of our tree work can be reimagined into something useful, beautiful, or both. Our aim is to keep our wood traceable throughout the production process, so the customer knows where the end product comes from - we source the tree, process the timber, store the wood, and craft the end result.

Whether you need a dangerous tree removed, garden hedges trimmed, fencing around the farm or a new pergola for the patio, WildWood will pay attention to your needs and ensure satisfaction every step of the way. 

David and Alex are enthusiastic, always prepared, and very hard working. They have a great attention to detail and can be trusted to come up with practical, well made solutions for any project. They also have a great positive outlook and are therefore a pleasure to work with.
— Claire Cook, Awliscombe

what we do:

Our Services

Tree Surgery

Arboriculture is where the brand began; caring for and managing your trees is at the heart of WildWood. Based in East Devon, we diligently work to high standards and comply to all current regulations;  we are fully insured and work to the British Standards BS3998 for Arboriculture.

Timber Craft

Tree surgery can produce an enormous amount of 'waste' wood. If you're removing limbs, dismantling, or felling trees, the volume of wood lying on the ground at the end of the day adds up. Typical tree surgery practice is to throw all of this in to the chipper to take away from site and be disposed of. However, WildWood sees trees differently.

Whilst it may be easier and more cost effective to chip and dispose of wood, we believe this does a great disservice to a tree. An organism that has been growing for 40, 50, 100+ years deserves to be treated with respect, and at Wild Wood, we aim to give new life to every last piece of usable wood. The tree that's leaning precariously over your greenhouse can be repurposed into a beautiful bench, patio pergola, or garden gate.



Forestry & Woodland Management

If you have woodland that needs taking care of, look no further than WildWood. We'll happily look at groundworks, path making, track construction, vegetation clearance, hand felling, drainage, coppicing, and any general forest management. 


When fencing we work closely with you to find the right kind to meet your needs. Whether it be soft wood or chestnut, domestic or agricultural we work to strict standards. We specialise in sweet chestnut fencing, as it is the most cost effective, durable and best looking fencing on the market. We source our sweet chestnut from a local supplier so we can ensure high quality wood to outlast most.

Mobile Saw Milling

We offer an ‘on site’ saw milling service with our Peterson sawmill. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Peterson Mill is typically used in rainforests to access hard to reach locations. The combination of the Peterson mill and the Alaskan chainsaw mill means we can now plank even the biggest, most inaccessible trees, right on site.

In terms of cost, an eight hour day of cutting can produce 3.5m3 of timber, if it were green oak that would be worth £5600. 

Wild Wood’s approach to timber and tree surgery is a sustainable one. Presently, a lot of ‘waste’ wood is chipped or split into firewood. But, by taking the time to machine our wood, rather than chip or split for efficiency, we ensure that any high value wood is turned into something more useful and more beautiful than children’s playground coverings.


You can't win them all, and when we're faced with a piece of timber that we can't use for making or building, we dust off the axes and get logging. Seasoned for at least 12 months, our hardwood logs will burn strong and long in your wood burner or open fire to keep you warm all winter.


insurance qualifications & Healthy and Safety Wildwood works to the highest standards and is fully insured for any requirement. higher national diploma | nptc | abc | cscs | rolo | traffic management | health and safety | first aid |

They’re good! We’ve used them for 6-7 years for tree felling, hedge cutting, groundwork, emergency tree work, coppicing and managing our woodland.
— Colin Wright, Awliscombe
Dave and Alex provided an efficient thoroughly professional service. They attended on time, worked extremely hard, did some extra work for us that we requested without any problem, and left the area neat and tidy.
— Mark Hexton, Honiton
We were absolutely delighted with the traditional Chestnut Fencing that WildWood put up around our paddock and it was commented upon favourably by many people who attended a wedding in the paddock shortly afterwards. The boys worked really and beyond normal hours to finish the job for us. I can highly recommend them for their professional, friendly manner and work ethic.
— Alan and Melanie, Axminster
Their work is really competent, with clear knowledge of tree management and great advice. They really do manage to prune, cut and fell with skill - no errors, nothing falling in the wrong place. They are a great team who are good at communication, good at getting on with things, flexible and very cooperative when the plan changes.
— Dudley Swain, Exeter